Allow apps downloaded from anywhere

Fire up a terminal, type the command:

sudo spctl  --master-disable

Noted that your password will not be shown. After you run the command, goto System Preferences -> Security and Privacy -> General
you will see that there is a Anywhere option in Allow apps downloaded from section

Modify Extended file attributes

If allowing app downloaded from everywhere doesn’t work properly, you could try the following command in terminal:

xattr -r -d /path/to/file


--help  -h  -- display help information
-c          -- remove all attributes
-d          -- remove specified attribute
-l          -- display in long format
-p          -- display value of specified attribute
-r          -- act recursively
-s          -- act on symbolic links
-v          -- always display file name
-w          -- set value of specified attribute
-x          -- use hexademical format for value input and output

Noted that you need to drag the application to a writable directory first.

For those of you who are interested in the output of this command, see this post on stackoverflow