This project contains rules I used for clash and Surge, feel free to use it.

Most of the script is modified from other open sourced projects(listed down below), modified to fit Surge’s DOMAIN-SET syntax and Clash.😄️

The rule list repo is hosted on Github

ℹ️ File related instructions

  • Basic.list (Clash ONLY)

    Scripts from multiple projects, some may duplicate AdRule

  • AdRule.list

    More than 8000 ad rules, integrate lhie1 and ConnersHua and added some advertising rules

  • AdRule-IP-CIDR.list

    IP-CIDR part from AdRule.list to better fit Surge’s DOMAIN-SET feature

  • AdRuleTest.list

    More than 1300 ad rules,This rule is modified from Scomper. Because the original author stopped maintenance, so take over the optimization and delete some normal rules, only for testing

  • Download.list

    Integrate some BT, Thunder, download shunt rules

  • MayCrash.list

    This part of the rule is modified from, with over 70k+ rules, originally a hosts file, so it may CRASH on surge, created for testing purposes only May Crash due to iOS NE memory limit

  • ChineseWebsite.list

    This list is a modification of, with over 8k+ rules May Crash due to iOS NE memory limit

Also consider adding RewriteRules.sgmodule for better ad filtering.


According to Surge’s official guidance Difference between RULE-SET and DOMAIN-SET

RULE-SET can contain all types of sub-rules, with no difference in execution efficiency from the rules in the main configuration, while DOMAIN-SET can only use both DOMAIN and DOMAIN-SUFFIX forms of content, using special logic optimized to provide a huge performance boost when there is very much content. (over a thousand items, otherwise there is not much difference between the two)

Project used